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Is a shortcut links site that provides you with earning money for each visitor visiting your links .

Just sign up and login to your account and start shortening your links and sharing them with your friends via social networking sites or via e-mail or post them on your website. And start to make money.

There is more than one payment method you can choose any method from them to receive your money
Such as PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, Western Union, Egyptian Post, Vodafone Cash.

When you reach your minimum profit limit you can ask for payment and after payment request we review your account and send you the profits as soon as possible. We pay From 1 to 5 of each month. Payment must be made before payment is due.

Is the profit you will get for a thousand visits from a specific country and is different depending on the country coming from which the visitor and the rise and fall, according to the visitor and his country .

Our site provides all the adapals the ability to make the work on the site becomes easier and provides you with the convenience of dealing with the site such as Quick link , Mass Shrink , Full Page Script , Developers API , Bookmarklet ,